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Being able to take your dogs with you on holiday or on weekend getaways is a delight. It’s a real family trip. However, they shed so much hair per second, even the shortest car ride can result in your back-seat being covered in a stubborn layer of dog hair.
It filters into the seat sides, the belt buckle gaps… it’s impossible to get rid of once it sneaks its way into every crevice of your car. That’s where Trixie Car Seat Cover comes in! Roll it out, sit your dog atop it, and simple roll it back in when you’re done. Pristine.
· Bottom part is made from polyester, which is water repellent and stops moisture from seeping through
· Top cover is made from fleece, giving your dog comfort
· Straps attach to the head rests and create a protective compartment in the back seat where your dog can shed their hair without you having to worry about it
· Has slits in place where the car’s belts are, so you can buckle up your pet

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